Make Your Home Look As Good As Your Clothing With These Herringbone Patterns


Are you in love with unique patterns and textures? Do you wish to infuse a timeless look into your home decor? Do you desire to blend minimalist yet profound designs into your place? If Your answer to all these questions is yes, you should consider using herringbone patterns to make your place look as good as your clothing.

When people think of Herringbone, they typically think of flooring, specifically parquet. However, Now this pattern is also making its way into other interior design aspects. The herringbone pattern’s distinctive aesthetic has become famous in the interior design world, and it’s not unexpected that it has so many various applications. If you like a less explicit pattern and want to add just a little visual appeal to your home, consider using the following wonderful design within your home. In this article, we’ll show you some unique methods to incorporate them into your house’s interior design.

What Is Herringbone Pattern?

A herringbone pattern is a distinctive pattern consisting of rectangles of equal length. A zig-zag pattern is created by fitting rectangular shapes together. A herringbone pattern wallpaper design demands careful trimming of the rectangles so that they can fit together to achieve an asymmetrical look. The herringbone pattern received its name because the end product mimics the bones and skeleton of a fish breed called herring when done correctly. This pattern is sometimes referred to as twill weave, but this is typically only when it is encountered in clothing. The first Herringbone fabrics were found in Ancient Italy, indicating its enduring popularity. It can also be traced back to the Egyptian period through elite jewelry

How Can You Infuse Herringbone Pattern Into Your Home?

KITCHEN Herringbone Pattern

The most popular application of a herringbone pattern in the home is on the flooring. The ideology is because most flooring is rectangular in shape, cutting it into a herringbone pattern is not a problem. Aside from this, you can infuse these beautiful patterns everywhere in your place, including:

● Kitchen 

● Dining Room 

● Front Entrance 

● Front Porch 

● Bathroom 

● Bedrooms 

● Living Room 

● Patio 

Are you wondering how to include different patterns? No worries! The best and effortless way to add these patterns to your place is using peel and stick removable wallpaper. As the name suggests, such wallpapers are easy to install and instantly upgrade the house’s appeal. You don’t have to bear the burden of scraping off old wallpaper or repairing the drywall. You can also select among numerous designs and patterns, with the option to customize the color to match the existing decor of your home. That means you can add aesthetic appeal to your place in little to no time, which will surely make everyone (including you) go “Aww.”

Way To Bring Beauty Of Different Herringbone Pattern To Your Home

● Watercolor Herringbone 

Watercolor herringbone wall wallpaper is an ideal option to add to your bathroom and make it look stunning. The semi-matte finish of the vinyl will help add a luxurious feel to your bathroom. You can also pick custom colors for visual and aesthetic appeal. The Herringbone design helps attract the eye outwards and upwards simultaneously, which is very useful if you have low ceilings or a small room. This creates the idea of a larger area and would be an excellent feature wall in a tiny bathroom. 

● Painted Herringbone 

Painted Herringbone

Another great design that you can infuse into your beautiful place is painted herringbone. You can try this pattern in every room, including the narrow hallway. The design helps add depth to the place, along with creating a serene and inviting vibe. Are you worried that peeling off wallpaper might damage your walls? No need! These wallpapers generally hold tight on your wall and are damage free to remove. And if you plan to use painted herringbone in kids’ rooms, you need not be concerned about them damaging the walls. So, it’s a win-win! 

● Inky Herringbone 

If you wish to add subtle patterns to your place, especially in your bedroom, this design is perfect for you. Inky herringbone blends seamlessly with minimalist decor, offering a chic and organized vibe. The soft fabric of the wallpaper also adds to its beauty, while the custom color will help add a pop to the walls. Nevertheless, if you feel confused between different patterns and styles, you should consider ordering a sample before purchasing the wallpaper. This way, you will be able to select an impeccable design for your place. 

● Herringbone Stripes 

Use this delicate yet rich pattern to refresh your interior décor. An alternating herringbone texture with a natural, hand-drawn vibe is included in this design. The sophistication of the pattern will make your living room look stunning and surely impress your guests. From whites and pastels to ceramic, you can choose among an array of colors to blend with your house decor. The stripes will also help make your space look spacious and tall. So, if you have a tiny apartment or perhaps a rented space, you can use this pattern to add an edge to the decor and create an illusion of a spacious home. 

● Inky Chevron 

If you want to infuse herringbone patterns but with modern appeal, inky chevron is the style you must go for. Over a neutral background, this classic design displays ink-drawn lines alternating in a sophisticated Chevron pattern. Ideally, herringbone and chevron are two different patterns but similar to a great extent. The key distinction is the placement of these rectangles; that’s why many people get confused about them. You can use this awe-spiring and versatile pattern anywhere in your house, including in the bath and on the ceiling. The vinyl material used for the wallpapers makes them easy to clean. 

Wrapping It All Up 

A herringbone pattern can instantly help add grace and glamor to your house. Plus, peel and stick removable wallpaper will make it effortless for you to revamp each and every room of your house. So, choose among the various design options stated above and select the one that suits your style.