Best running clothes for women when you start! Help is here.


Assuming you are a beginner or preparing for your first 5000 steps, you might ponder, “What would it be advisable for me to wear while running?” you would be glad to know that you truly needn’t bother with a great deal of extravagant running stuff or costly apparel to be a good runner. It is an activity that does not require a lot of investment before starting.

However, if you are a beginner and you are starting to start your workout one of these days, then you definitely need to wear something that keeps you comfortable for a long time. Comfort does matter, and it should be in both your clothes and shoes. There sure are certain fundamental running things you ought to consider adding to your sports apparel assortment before you start.

Let us discuss where to start when you are a beginner and are confused about what Clothes you must go for.

Comfortable pants

RUnning women

It is very important that whenever you start with any workout, you need to wear very comfortable pants. Whatever you wear is going to stay with you throughout your workout or running session, so it must be able to endure all the stretching; pulling should be strong enough to not start fraying. It should also be breathable and must be able to soak the sweat that you get when working out. It would be good if it was a size bigger so you would feel comfortable. It is important that when you wear pants during a workout or during running, it should have space for free movement hence the area near the crotch and thighs should have space. If you choose loose pants in the beginning, it would really help. Going for fitted pants would be much easier and more comfortable; after you have achieved a certain milestone and are a regular runner, you will start understanding how to adjust to different types of pants. But it is recommended that when you’re begging, you should start with a little loose or one size bigger pants.

Cozy shirts

As mentioned above, it is important that when you are Beginning with any kind of workout like running, you have to see to it that whatever you wear keeps you comfortable. So when it comes to wearing shirts, instead of going for fitted shirts tops that give your body a certain shape, it is better to go with some loose shirts. This would help you keep your focus more on running and other workouts instead of being comfortable with the tightly fitted tops. They will allow your skin to breathe properly while you are working out, and you can easily keep stretching and getting your focus distracted by uncomfortable shirts. 


Whenever you are going for a run, people often focus more on what to wear outside and do not bother to ponder much on what to wear inside. Underpants are also a very fighter part of your outfit when you are going for a workout session. Until and unless you feel comfortable thoroughly on the outside as well as the inside, you are not going to give your best shot on running. Your focus will deviate from the workout you’re doing and will be more focused on making yourself comfortable while working out. To make yourself be hundred percent present and whatever you are doing, you need to set yourself comfortably prior to starting your workout or Run. You need to know the perfect size of your underpants and the ones that can help your skin to breathe and absorb your sweat properly. It is important that air passes through the underpants because when you sweat, and air does not pass through, sweat will accumulate, and it might make your skin irritated. You might also develop a rash.


This might seem a very small part of your clothing, but it is a very vital one. When you are running, wearing a sports bra is very helpful. It will keep your girls(if you know what I mean) in place. They will remain in one place, and you won’t lose your focus from running. Many girls don’t understand that wearing the proper size bra is very important when you are working out—wearing the wrong size regularly while running will lead to improper shaping of your boobies. It is important that they are in a place without any spillage. So choose the right bra before starting your workout. 


It might sound minimal but it is a very important part too. Whenever you are thinking of starting any form of workout you definitely think about the shoes you’re gonna wear but often people forget about the socks. Many who start without thinking about this basic need often forget finding one in the morning and might end up going for a run without any sock. This is going to affect your run. Your shoes might start to feel more sweaty and wet as a result when you run you might feel a sense of slipping and you end up not liking the run and sometimes even stopping after just a day’s workout. To avoid such distractions and keep you focussed on your goals, you need to work properly through the preparations beforehand.

Final thoughts-

As high as your spirits are when you decide to start working out and get in shape or just love running and want to start it again, this feeling isn’t enough to get you going. There are many preparations before beginning. Choosing the right clothes to keep you comfortable while running is very important. This is the place where you need to decide on what looks good and what feels good. When you are choosing, it is better that you go away with something that you feel comfortable in rather than something that you look good in. Even better, if you get something that you feel comfortable with and it also looks good on you, you must definitely go with that outfit. The outfit ideas that you need to think about before working out are mentioned above, which hopefully you might find useful when you are going for your run.