How to Store Scrunchies?


As you all know, scrunchies are way too popular these days. People do not just love them because of their cute prints and styles, but they also offer many other benefits for your hair. Scrunchies, this hair accessory can be considered vintage as it made a comeback in recent years from the 80s and 90s. Their extreme popularity has made it possible for scrunchies to reach every home globally. All the women really feel thrilled to use this accessory. These magical and comfy hair ties bring all the necessary care and love that your hair needs. 

Furthermore, if you are a big fan or lover of scrunchies, you might think that organizing them can be an issue. They need more space than your regular hair ties, and that’s what makes their storage a necessary task. It often feels super irritating when you get stuck between finding the right hair accessory through disorganized drawers. In many cases, people also forget the corner where they have placed their scrunchie while removing it. However, you must do proper storage or organization instead of misplacing these treasured little cute pieces.

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Luckily, if you have a bunch of collections, then this post will surely help you. Fortunately, there are many ways to help you keep your scrunchies organized. Moreover, these methods include household items to use as an organizer, many DIYs or crafting solutions to make scrunchie holders, and many more. Try these different storage solutions to assemble your scrunchies and make them easy to grasp in the morning. These tips or ways are the best scrunchie holder ideas around will indeed save your precious time.  

6 ways to organize scrunchies

1. Using household items

Your everyday household items will never betray you in any storage process. The things you already have in your home can easily store anything, whether jewelry or every kind of hair accessory. In the case of scrunchies, you can find anything tall, long, or has the option of hanging. Alternatively, you can also reuse many plastic boxes that are just lying around at the corner in your home. Read the further subheading to know more about it. 

2. Use a pull-out basket or plastic container

Are you tired of losing your scrunchie everyday? Try keeping them in their safe place, i.e., a plastic box or a pull-out basket. They are the elementary methods you can use to organize your scrunchies. The main motive behind this idea is to keep all the bunch of scrunchies together in one place. It is a go-to way and doesn’t require a lot of work. 

3. The idea of hangers

It is the most perfect and unique idea for storing your scrunchies. You just have to grab a metal cloth hanger, open up one of the hinges, and then slide your scrunchies one by one until your hanger looks colorful. After this, you can decide the place accordingly at where you want to hang your scrunchie hanger, whether closet or on your bathroom door. You can even classify your collection of scrunchies based on colors, styles, prints, or patterns and hang each group separately.

Moreover, if you are more of a crafty person, you can make a decorative scrunchie hanger using a twine. This whole process will be exciting and fun-loving for you. Take the string and cut 2 to 3 lengths of about 2 ft. Now, tie each end of this twine to a pushpin and hang the rest of it in the innovative design you wanted. Add your scrunchies using clothespins and complete the whole decor item. You can add some polaroid photos between the scrunchies to make them more unique and decorative. Furthermore, Have you imagined how cool this scrunchie hanger would look if the fairy lights were added to it? Overall, you can show your creative skills in it and make it an eye-catching display. 

4. Using a paper towel hanger

Using a paper towel holder is a great idea for storing your scrunchies. You can keep your favorite hair ties in it, though there will be limited space. A paper towel holder comes in various designs and types, so you can choose the one that matches your need. Look for a paper towel holder with a heavy, robust base and a skinny rod in the middle. Slide your scrunchies onto the rod part one by one, and place your holder either on your desk, in a drawer, vanity, or bathroom counter.  

5. Buy fancy and handy scrunchie holders

Just type the word “Scrunchie holders” on the internet, and you will find millions of options for this. Moreover, you will also find decorative organization items that you can remodel to store scrunchies. For instance, jewelry trees are an excellent choice for it. Just keep in mind that the holder you buy must be worthy in terms of price, quality, quantity, color, and design or style.   

storing scrunchies

6. Crafty solutions or DIY ideas for scrunchie holders

What about the idea of making a scrunchie holder by yourself? Moreover, if your holiday season is just around the corner, you can try at least one of the ideas mentioned below. They do not require significant effort. Basically, you can store scrunchie on any cylindrical shape stand. So, for these, you can try making a toilet paper roll organizer or a storage box using wooden dowels. Another thing is you can put your hands on an empty oatmeal container, spaghetti box, or wine bottle to use them as a holder. Play with the pop colors, construction paper, or fabric around these, and wrap your scrunchies around them. And voila! Your home-ready scrunchies holder is ready. 

End thought

Organizing or storing your scrunchie is the proper solution to the misplacing problems. Moreover, think that a bit of effort can protect your collection of scrunchies. In addition, you can also save your time and frustration with this wholesome process. So, don’t let your scrunchies or any other accessory overtake your living quarters any longer. Get them organized. Try any of the methods mentioned earlier you find suitable for yourself. Hope you liked it! Happy organization!