5 Reasons to Add Women Fashion Bodysuits to your Closet


Summers are just around the corner, and there’s nothing better than giving bodysuits a space in your wardrobe. But on the same side, people have discovered bodysuits as a super underrated clothing item. However, this is because most people do not even give a try to bodysuits. On the contrary, those who have turned to bodysuits for thousands of reasons consider them as a must-have wear. 

No doubt, every woman needs to add at least a few bodysuits to their regular outfits. Luckily, this comfortable clothing item is readily available in many different types, and you can easily find the one that matches your preference and personal style. While most of you keep buying tops, dresses, and denim, out of all, these bodysuits offer the highest versatility. And what to say about the fit, which is just perfect and alluring!

A proper fit and full of the comfort zone is all everyone wants. Bodysuits fulfill this demand with a plus point of absolutely giving you several options in styling by coming in myriad colors and designs. They are often more favorable than your regular tops and t-shirts. Additionally, if you love the idea of layering, then bodysuits will soon be your wardrobe best friend. Now that bodysuits slightly convince you, the following reasons will surely persuade you to add a few to your collection. 

What are bodysuits?

A bodysuit is an ultimate comfortable garment similar to a swimsuit in looks. However, there are several types, styles, and varieties of bodysuits made from different materials like woven, knit, lace, and rayon fabrics. Talking about their history, they were discovered in the 1950s, and now they are rocking in their usage and popularity. Most bodysuits have a similar neckline in the top half covering up with sleeves or without sleeves. Furthermore, the choices for the bottom half are more than enough, including full coverage, thong-cut, or even shorts that cover thighs. As bodysuits typically look like swimsuits, they are not designed for athletic purposes. They are a piece of regular clothing. 

Why are bodysuits a great addition to your wardrobe?  

women in bodysuit

1. Open the door of versatility:

Versatility is the top priority that almost everyone looks for before buying a garment. Undeniably, bodysuits will get a ten on ten in this category. Depending on their fabric, style, and designs, you can wear them on a beach, party, or regular outfit. Moreover, bodysuits are a fashion staple that can be styled with every kind of bottom wear.  You can wear it casually during the day like you would a T-shirt and you can also wear it when having a night out with friends.

All in all, it is all a game of selecting and pairing the bodysuits with the proper footwear and bottom wear according to the occasions and events. Versatility is critical when it comes to clothes. Your clothes are of no need if you cannot play the game of mix and match with other pieces and accessories. Do you casually wear a skirt? Or, just in case, if denim is your go-to, A bodysuit is a consummate match with all these. Moreover, if you are looking for the ideal upper wear that is formal enough for some straight-leg pants, put your hands on bodysuits. Overall, you can create thousands of different bodysuits outfits by experimenting with complementing bottom wear and accessories. 

2. Gives you an admiring fit: 

Most bodysuits offer you the dream fit. They are mostly skin-hugging with a touch of elasticity in them. It is the reason why bodysuits are commonly made from knitted fabric. The bottom half of the bodysuit is pleasantly slouchy. The stretchiness of the material makes it possible to have a felicitous fit that can enhance the bust and the hips while cinching in the waist. It is the dream of almost every girl or woman to get that hourglass silhouette, even if you don’t naturally have an hourglass shape, and bodysuits will provide you with this gift that you couldn’t ask for more.  

Moreover, many people believe the juicy myths that bodysuits are just for women with skinny figures. But contrary to this opinion, plus-size women can also rock a bodysuit equally well. In point of fact, a bodysuit may help with proportions and give a more admiring look. 

3. Perfect for all seasons:

Some essential bodysuits are suitable for all seasons. You can wear them alone during those hot summer days, pairing them with a breezy skirt or denim shorts. You can layer them with shirts, cardigans, or jackets during winter to create stylish looks. 

The basic ones can also serve as an extra layer underneath another top or pants combination. So bodysuits are suitable all year round. They are not seasonal. 

Of course, seasonal versatility depends on the material a lot. If you’re looking for something you can wear in all seasons, go for stretchy, breathable fabrics like polyester or rayon. These are light enough for summers but also insulating sufficiently for winters. 

4. Undeniably, the most comfortable wear: 

Once you start wearing those body-hugging knit bodysuits, you wouldn’t want to switch. Depending on the fabric, bodysuits can be pretty comfortable, which makes them ideal for regular casual wear. Whether you’re going to work or running errands, a comfy bodysuit can provide the support you need. 

Plus, there’s no chance of a wardrobe malfunction or the common issues with tucking in the shirt. There’s no way a bodysuit is untucking like a top. So you can move around, jump, or run!

Fashionable bodysuit

5. A convenient substitute for underwear:

Since bodysuits provide coverage for your nether regions, you don’t necessarily have to wear underwear. It’s entirely at your discretion whether you want to add another layer and wear some panties under the bodysuit. However, most basic knit bodysuits can provide you with coverage and support to ‘go commando.’ Most bodysuits are washable (even machine washable), so you can easily wash them and wear them over again and again. 

Speaking of underwear, you also have excellent bodysuit lingerie options. While lingerie bodysuits are a category of their own, they can be pretty sexy and versatile at the same time. You may want to add a lace lingerie bodysuit that can double as a sexy top with some shorts or a skirt. 

Wrapping up!

Bodysuits are some of the best apparel items you can invest in. From a comfortable fit to lots of styling options, bodysuits should be a closet staple. Ideally, you should invest in two solid bodysuits, one with sleeves and one with short sleeves or no sleeves, one printed or draped bodysuit for formal outfits, and one lace bodysuit for lingerie.