Top 5 Traditional Russian women fashion tips that still work!


Traditionally Russian women fashion and clothing Was not only meant to combat the weather but was also a way of understanding the status of women. Their clothing meant more than just traditional wear, it was meant to showcase the marital status of women. As the fashion industry has seen a lot of changes, so has Russian women’s fashion too.

The clothing is no more related to just protecting oneself from heat or cold, or being a vessel of portraying the current status of women, it has grown to be a part of personality and comfort. Although fashion and clothing have changed a lot in past years, certain traditional fashion tips have existed all along and have made their way to the present fashion industry. Let us discuss some of the traditional Russian women’s fashion elements that have their importance in the current scenario as well. 

Russian women fashion Tip1: Dress to impress

This has been a tradition amongst women of Russia that they have always been at the peak of their fashion game. The tradition has still not left the trend and women still love to ace their fashion game. The first thing that you have to keep in mind when you are bringing in some tradition from Russian fashion tips is that you always dress to impress. you cannot let any occasion be the reason behind your worst they are pressing. if you are out every occasion has to be a stage to showcase the best fashion sense you got. 

The way you dress can be simple yet the overall look should be attractive and impressive. This is a way to showcase your personality with very few simple efforts. you don’t need to spend a lot on expensive accessories or over-the-top elements to go with your dressing. You can simply blend comfort and elegance to get the desired results. You can also see that this technique is effective even in today’s scenario.

You need not spend a lot on expensive designer clothing. You can simply put together a few pieces inspired by traditional Russian fashion (which includes not more than seven pieces of clothing) and put them together to bring out the best way in which you can bring out the impressive and attractive side of you.

The fashion trends that include looks like ponytails or Messy looking buns were not a part of Russian fashion and still are unacceptable in the trend. You can always choose a sleek look that shows that you have put on certain efforts into your dressing which will go miles even in today’s fashion game. 

Russian women fashion Tip2: Embroidery goes a long way

 It was very common for women to wear dresses and shirts that have bright intricate embroidery and patterns and sew them to enhance the beauty of the clothing. You can still see that the fashion industry has never grown out of the trend of embroidery. You can be safe with a piece of clothing that has beautiful and bright designs embroidered on them without thinking about the era in which the door design would suit the best. Whichever year you are in, you can be sure that your little embroidered dress is always gonna save your day.

Traditionally women in Russia had different styling patterns than it is in the west. The concept of enhancing your waist was more of a western styling genre. The Russian concept was dependent more on beautifying the dress women wore with stylized embroidered collars and flared skirts. ornamenting oneself was one of the most important tasks for women if they were to take part in certain ceremonies or get-togethers where women had to look good. This piece of traditional clothing idea is still in fashion. The trend of having a beautiful embroidered pinafore dress in your closet can help you look your best even with the slightest effort that you put in. 

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Russian women fashion Tip3: puffy sleeves- yes yes!

If people wearing crop tops with puffed sleeves are finding it very e unique and new then they should understand that traditionally women in Russia wore puffer sleeves as a regular fashion trend. The sleeves have been around for years and are still holding a special place in the Russian fashion industry. Although some other cultures have also been influenced and carried this style statement during that same period, Russian women’s fashion trends have seen the use of embroidered puffy sleeves as an integral component of their traditional fashion.

Russian women fashion Tip4: bold and beautiful

However you portray Russian women fashion, one thing every fashion enthusiast would agree with is that women’s fashion in Russia has always been bold and ahead of its time. High heels and short skirts have always been in existence among the traditional styling of Russia. Traditionally women in Russia had completely region-based outfit choices but had certain things common in all the regions. Being bold was one of the most prominent features that women in Russia carried at all times.

Something that is valuable and adds to the beauty even today. The sense of comfort and Pride that women carry brings out an attractive side of those women. High Heels are just a metaphor in the sense of being bold and ready to try on something new that looks good and makes you feel elegant. This attitude brings out the beauty even more.

Russian women fashion Tip5: headdress is the best

You might agree that traditionally the best headdresses that women wore in their everyday life was that of women from Russia. Every region had its flavor of headdress which was intricately designed and decorated to enhance and beautify the complete look. Even for different ceremonies, women had separate headdresses beautified using Silk threads, beads, and golden embroideries.

All the elegant and grand headdresses do not exist today in everyday fashion but some elements of head beautification have been borrowed from traditional Russian fashion. Fashion headgears that have embroidery and beads attached to them that are worn by Runway models are proof that Russian fashion influence is still there in the latest trends. The headdresses might not look like the ones that once existed during the previous era in the Pskov region but the influence of those beautiful headdresses has made its way in some way or the other to the latest trends in the fashion industry.

Final tip-

Women in Russia have always been very rooted and proud of the culture they have followed. the regional differences that the fashion industry so in different errors was in a way combined culturally about Russia. This is what made Russian women’s fashion prosper over time. Taking influence from the culture and fashion trends that they followed in the past women today have tried to take the game one step ahead with every move they made.

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