Bringing Back the Saddle Shoes! A Styling and Fact Guide


History is repeating itself in every term of fashion. From clothes to footwear to accessories, everything revolves around the world. Talking about footwear, saddle shoes are the gems of the treasure of the nineties fashion. From the 1940s to the 1960s, you have seen that there may not have been a more conspicuous footwear style than these saddle shoes. The trend of these shoes is coming back, and people are absolutely ravishing their love of this iconic wear. Saddle shoes will always be your first preference, whether you have to attend a formal occasion or want to create a truly classic look. These shoes are just an ideal option for a swanky business executive or a teenager bopping at sock hops. 

Saddle shoes can be a worthy addition to your wardrobe. You often have seen these shoes worn by the characters in pop culture, which results in the evolution of these shoes as a staple in vintage fashion. These shoes can pretty much be placed under a list of some of the most voguish and versatile pieces ever created. So, if you are thinking of adding these shoes to your closet, then this article will be obligatory for you. 

This post will be an ultimate guide and include every little information you need about these shoes. You will get to learn about the tips and facts, including the styling and wearing of saddle shoes. Continue reading to grab the best knowledge. 

What is a saddle shoe?

There is no point in furthering the article if you do not know what saddle shoes are. A saddle shoe is typically a type of oxfords that contain a strip of leather on top of the shoe’s throat. The color and style of the strip of leather come in different varieties and can either be the same color as the rest of the shoe or differently colored.  On the whole, it is a lace-up shoe. 

Generally, if more than one color is involved, it is either black or brown quarters, and the heel counter and the rest of the shoe is white. But other than this, any combination is possible. 

Are you all curious to know why these shoes are called saddles? So, no more waiting! Every one of you must be familiar with how a saddle fits around a horse’s back.  Consequently, the horse is the shoe, and the saddle is the part of the shoe that finds the best position on the inset. Voila, you have now discovered the reason why people call these saddle shoes.

Five interesting facts about saddle shoes

  1.  Saddle shoes were initially made for indoor sports. 
  2. Pop culture could not be counted in the trend list without these shoes. 
  3. Bobbysocks and saddle shoes were the best friend of every school girl. 
  4. Staple shoes showed their magic and became a staple fashion icon piece in the 1950s. 
  5. As the discovery of saddle shoes was made by man in the 1800s thus, it is proof that man had a great sense of vogue at that time. 

How to rock in the trend with saddle shoes?

1. A professional icon

Tan saddle shoe

Saddle shoes are the first choice to consider for office wear. They are comfortable and hip enough to bring down the house with compliments from coworkers. As per your regular wearing, style these shoes with some slimming trousers or skinny jeans, add your favorite contrasting shirt, and complete the whole sleek look by wearing a blazer over it. Your chic, modern look with a tasteful homage to retro-wear. Moreover, give the opportunity to the accessories too. They will indeed enhance your professional accessory vibe. 

2. Truly elegant

Everyone looks for a classic everyday outfit. To change and style something new, add a pair of saddle shoes to your attire to change and style something new. It will surely add a feather to your look. Let’s start with the styling process; wear your regular basic crop graphic tee with some high-waisted skinny jeans. Complete this effortless look with a pair of saddle shoes that will give a quaint and comfortable finish touch to your whole outfit. Moreover, you will feel confident after getting this modish street style look. You should definitely try this handy look to rock in your saddle shoes.   

3. A vintage spin

What are your thoughts on styling the saddle shoes with vintage apparel? Yeah, the question is correct, but the ideas are really fewer. So, this look is made for all the guys and gals out there. Own a classic vintage look by boldly pairing your saddle shoes with the outfit right out from the mid-century. As bootcut and straight jeans are significantly in trend these days, there is no better chance in a million to style them with saddle shoes and use both the trends to look splendid. 

You can fearlessly pair your saddle shoes on a vintage outfit of bootcut jeans with a crop top for women and a patterned shirt for men. This look is very in this year, too! Do not forget to add on some accessories to enhance your complete look. 

Tips to consider when wearing saddle shoes

  • Correct color matching is essential to style an outfit. The same happens with saddle shoes too. So, pair with color with caution. 
  • If you want to rock on the vintage vibe, saddle shoes are the best ever choice. A saddle shoe looks adorable with vintage or vintage-inspired clothes. You can play around with different prints and patterns to get the best results ever.
  • As saddle shoes can add four moons to your look, it does not mean that they can be styled in any way with any type of clothes. As a piece of advice, you should know that these shoes actually look like clown shoes when paired with many traditional work trousers and skirts. These shoes are very bold and catch the attention briskly, so these shoes need to be carefully styled to enhance their classic and quirky side.  

Final words

Overlooking saddle shoes is not an easy task at all. Now, after reading this whole guide, you must be aware that these bold patterned and colored shoes catch the eye quickly.  Also, thanks to the manufacturers and fashion icons, that led to the endless design possibilities of these shoes. Their quality, shelf life, and statement design are the three easy factors that will melt away your heart, and no one can resist you from adding them to your collection. Today, regardless of aesthetic and budget, anyone could readily find out the best pair of themselves. Say hello to the saddle shoes and style them on various occasions to look chic and classy. Hope you liked the article!