5 Staple Clothing Pieces Every Woman should Own Over 30


Life in the twenties is about experimenting with your outfits, having fun, selecting careers, and enjoying the golden days. But now that you have finally made it to your thirties, it is time to show off your dressing skills and make better future plans. It is the perfect period to buy your dream house or invest in those lifetime milestones. Now, you are a legit fully-fledged adult. So, what are you waiting for? Switch to changes and update your wardrobe with the five clothing items mentioned in this article. Hereafter, say goodbye to the classic trench you will have for years and introduce some modish, chic adult garments to your collection. 

Oh my god! You have already completed the three decades, and now welcome to the world where there is no shortage of advice. Lol, funny, keeping these things aside, the only thing that matters and you should do is fulfilling your style. By thirty, you already know which item suits you best and which investment will be worthy in terms of fabric and styling. You are ready to embrace your belief in styling here and now. Remember, life’s too short not to love what you’re wearing. So, without further ado, scroll for five style essentials you should include by age 30. 

Five fashion pieces every woman needs by age 30

1. The actual comfortable trousers:

You have successfully learned that you cannot depend on jeans for every event at this age. No doubt, jeans are a perfect option for regular casual clothing, but trousers can be a better option for enhancing your look. Additionally, it would be awesome to get your hands on a tailored piece to ensure the hem hits at the right spot and that waistband hugs you just fantastically. Add the classy yet straightforward well-tailored trousers to your closet, and get ready to rock in different formal looks. Always keep in mind to look for the trousers that fit your natural waist perfectly and offer you a universally admiring fit all over. 

2. Slouchy T-shirts: 

Some things in life are worth the investment. Like in a designer blazer, pure jewelry, the moments you have always dreamed of, and some precious book and art pieces. But spending a lot of money on your slouchy t-shirts is not the right decision you will ever make. At this moment, there is no one who will not add white and other primary colors to their t-shirt collection. So, think practically; investing money in a garment that will inevitably attract a coffee or wine spill or develop pit stains is a wasteful process. Instead, you can buy the inexpensive slouchy tees that will be your ideal daily wear piece. Moreover, you can follow a  bird-brained idea of purchasing these t-shirts in multiple numbers, and guess what? Your all life problems are sorted.   

3. Invest in sleek, versatile jeans: 

After thoughtful consideration, it is finally time to reveal that ever-so-slightly cropped jeans are the only ideal, versatile match that endlessly matches every kind of outfit. Thie jean helps create the indo-western look, from traditional, to formal to the daily casual look. This clothing staple is enough to match every vibe. Furthermore, this bottom wear also goes hand in hand with every shoe. This denim piece will always catch the attention when styled with bare pointed-toe heels, suede loafers, combat boots to ankle booties, heeled mules, and even thigh-high boots. The only thing that matters is the denim’s hues and especially the length and fit. So, buy and choose accordingly.  

4. Switch to bodysuits: 

women in bodysuit

Bodysuits are a great addition to your closet during your  30s. Bodysuits can be worn and styled in endless numbers. You can either wear them as slinky tops styled with classy denim or as an essential element of layering. As an idea of layering, you can include bodysuits under your white button-down or even opt for a tank-style under a cardigan. They’re also impeccable foundation pieces. The plus point of bodysuits is that you can easily tuck them into any bottom wear, whether pants, skirts, or even jeans.

5. Put your hands on a white button-down:

Who has time to visit the dry cleaners once a week? Do yourself a favor and replace your current white button-down with one that can be thrown in the washer and hung to dry. You might have to iron or steam it, but you’ll get more wear out of a white shirt that doesn’t feel too delicate to wear twice a week. Don’t feel the need to go totally classic, either; an oversize shape or an open-back blouse can actually become an easy staple.

The final thought

The age of 30 is all about adventure, fun, success, and responsibilities. But during all the most challenging tasks and jobs, do not compromise with the fashion. Include some exciting classic garments in your closet and become the fashion icon in your 30s. Indeed, fashion is a never-ending game. Create your own different unique styles and  enjoy the vibe. Hope you liked the article!